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Hello everyone,
I introduce my site to you here
I'm the Admin of the site.
Yes get paid to play online games.

Check out the forum for more details
you earn
1 point for every game play
1 point for every comment
1 point for every game report
1 point for every forum post(will be added manually for now)
50 points for every blog post(will be added manually for now)

Each point is worth $0.001 for now, will raise it soon, when the site picks up.
There is no limits for your earning as you have no limits for earning points in our site.

Don't expect anything big coz we aren't any ponzi/pyramid model inside, you get paid for your own work, not for your referral's work. we would like to keep it as stable as possible, so please co-operate with us.

Wish to see everyone over there

you can ask your doubts here or in our forum. would be glad to answer you your questions :)

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admin i posted in the blog add 50 points username gauthamsneha
Hello admin!I have joined your site yesterday. As you didnt mention on your above post may I ask if members can earn also from referral links?

Sorry for the late reply!

I think I've replied you in our forum GauthamTheGreat


@ ally2

Welcome to our site

We have updated our script recently with referring option

and you can earn 100 points for referring your friends(promotion period).

Enjoy earning!

can u add me 20,000 point for freeeee

LOL Of-course I can

But I won't!


But there will be some bonus for the members who earned more points, only for this month.

from next month onwards it'll be for the high scorers!


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